Think back to your last flight. From the food service to the flight attendants, culture plays an important role when designing for an airline. So what can the airlines teach us about marketing in other sectors?
Here are five creative takeaways from the travel industry —   

  1. Know your passengers

Where are they coming from and where are they going? 

In flight, there is always a point of departure and point of arrival. Each traveler has an inherent culture, but what drives them forward might be vastly different from their own. Take for example Hawaiian airlines, a company that caters to those escaping the cold. Its branding employs a pink and purple gradient that gives off the warmth of a perfect sunset. Contrast this palette with the cool, blue hues of Alaska Air.  

  1. Understand what they value

Do they want more leg room? Better food? Cheaper fares?

Like in real estate, every space has a unique combination of amenities. Some customers are looking for value, while others need luxury. easyJet has a clear vision of their client and it shows through in their visual identity. The company name is set in a simple, yet bold typeface with soft serifs. The message comes through — easyJet provides straightforward ticket prices without sacrificing comfort. 

  1. Translate across mediums

A brand should encompass multiple touch points

Always be on the lookout for ways to extend your brand. Virgin America was one of the first airlines to put their own spin on the traditional safety video. They took a moment that we take for granted and made it memorable. This is reiterated in their brand. A complex wing shape with multiple sides recalls the many touchpoints at which they reach their customers.  


  1. Create an experience

Luxury equates with a lifestyle

There’s nothing more luxurious than a Paris getaway. Air France brings its interiors front and center with a wing logo that doubles as a reclining chair, a clever and deliberate visual that’s reiterated in the letter “R”. From ordering your meal in advance to choosing between four different cabins, Air France communicates comfort and relaxation in every aspect of their brand. 

  1. Get them there on time

Make customer service a part of your identity

Delta’s dynamic brand reiterates their emphasis on speed and responsiveness. The logo, divided into two shapes, demonstrates stroboscopic movement. In other words, we can perceive them both as the same form, except in two different positions. The visual mirrors a plane taking flight. Delta itself stands for change and transformation.

When branding any physical space, think of its inhabitants as travelers. What is their inherent culture and what are they searching for in their point of arrival? Where can we reach them and how can we make their voyage memorable? If taken into consideration in this way, they are sure to enjoy the ride.

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