You may have realized by now how much the internet has changed the way we market and the way we’re marketed to, creating a more seamless experience for both businesses and consumers. Consumers can find precisely what they need (and save money in the process), and companies can do the same since advertising can be more targeted and cost-effective. Check out our top four reasons to get in the game:

Connecting with your customer

One of the main reasons why digital marketing is currently implemented by the companies more than any other traditional marketing is the interactivity with their end-consumer. The focus is no longer on the product but rather the user experience in their buying journey. Companies can run campaigns, social publications, activations, the list goes on –  and on the other side of the screen, consumers can interact, comment, and share with a friend in just one click, increasing engagement with the brands they love.

Analyzing every bit of data

Imagine the world in the 1960s when marketing and advertising agencies were starting to take off, but there weren’t tons of methods to measure the success and impressions of their campaigns. We can safely say today that a lot of money spent on those initiatives was wasted because of lack of information. But when it comes to online marketing, obtaining and analyzing data is a fundamental step for the continuous improvement of your strategy.

Fortunately, metrics such as return on investment (ROI) and cost of customer acquisition (CAC) can (and should!) be analyzed in real-time. That way, companies can identify failures quickly and work on improvements right away! 

More opportunities for small companies

Reducing the actual distance between businesses and customers has helped a lot. After all, today, even small companies can impact consumers all across the globe. Consumers can easily find businesses that meet their specific needs, and companies can create a proper online positioning which will increase their sales opportunities through various channels.

Advertising for the right person

After reading the above you may be thinking, “Wow, I’ll be able to reach millions of people” – and yes, that’s true, and it’s amazing! But one of the great advantages of digital marketing is that companies can now target and engage with the right people, instead of throwing out an enormous net. That means that now a company can talk directly with the person (or group) that has their ideal customer profile. 

Targeting will not only save you money, but you’ll also stop spending money specifically with people that have no interest in your product. Through segmentation you’ll also be able to get to know your audience better, which can help develop and grow your business.

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