In today’s competitive world, many industries have not only adopted marketing and branding into their value but view these as the most important aspects of their business as well. The real estate industry, on the contrary, has been plodding to prioritize branding and marketing – and doesn’t seem to spend real money on it yet. Are real estate companies afraid of losing money on unsuccessful campaigns? Or are they unfamiliar with all the technological marketing tools available?

With loads of modern technologies within an easy reach, it’s hard to believe that there’s still a lack of effective branding in real estate. When attempting to boost this, it’s essential to explore how technology can be used in a real estate company’s branding strategy. Here are some innovative examples of how technology can help to build and maintain a real estate brand.    

Branding Visuals

Real estate branding should make a statement about a company’s integrity and the services they offer. The power of branding visuals is often overlooked in the real estate industry – even though colors, shapes, and text can be used intentionally to develop customer recognition and trust for your brand, leading to increased customer retention. Creating a powerful real estate logo is the first step in successful branding, and in our logo design blog, we tell you more about this

An example of combining visuals and technology is the adaptation of the “For Sale” sign by real estate company Compass. The new sign includes the same information but has a brand new appearance, including lights, to make the info readable at night and a QR-code that can be scanned to direct you to the particular listing. Technological innovations like this one have a substantial impact on the way we know and use visuals in real estate. By changing such a traditional real estate branding visual, you can make your company stand out from the rest.

Smart Marketing

Another important aspect of branding is aligning your marketing projects with your brand’s personality to achieve that your marketing reflects your brand. Whenever a brand is going to be influenced by technology, so is its marketing. 

This can be realized in a number of ways, but one example – which is becoming more popular day by day – is the use of virtual reality in real estate. Forward-thinking brokers advertise their ability to deliver 3D virtual tours, often via their websites. Virtual tours allow prospective buyers and renters to take a look at a property at any time at any place, which puts control in the hands of the viewer. 

Social Media And Web Representation

Real estate companies have long been using the internet to facilitate their customers. But apart from their official websites, there’s much more a company can do online. Many real estate brands have turned to social media – which is considered a great tool for building a brand – to interact with their clients and to build and maintain relationships. 

Although social media is not exactly a new technology, it has kept changing and adapting over time, meaning that a company needs to adapt to these changes as well in order to obtain the best outcomes. Social media, and in particular, Instagram, is a fantastic tool to let your clients know more about your brand personality. By using social media posts that contain photos and videos, you can give your clients insight into what the company has to offer in order to give the best representation of your brand. In our previous blog, you can read much more about the importance of social media in the real estate industry.

Keep in mind that branding is only successful when it’s created with a goal in mind. Every aspect should be thoughtful and responsive, from the physical and visual, to marketing and client interaction. Technology can help in these various branding aspects, and at REIGN, we know exactly how. Reach out to us for more info!

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