The goal of the REAL New York identity update was to refine and elevate – not just aesthetically, but in the brand’s mission and communication to reflect its namesake in every touchpoint.

REIGN introduced bold fonts to match REAL’s existing logo and a deeper navy hue to maintain prestige. The new REAL New York mission is an homage to the client and the lifestyle one selects when making a decision on where to live. The same conversational, knowledgeable, and authentic voice carries through in all other client-facing deliverables.



To cement brand recognition, REIGN created a series of collateral pieces for REAL New York’s three main consumer groups: landlords, agents, and clients. That list includes branded swag, curated deliveries, training & development materials, firm pitches, and other necessary (and some just plain fun) items.





REIGN has been responsible for ideating, developing, and executing all of REAL New York’s content campaigns across the five boroughs of NYC. We’ve created videos to celebrate the opening of the Brooklyn office, captured photography of their most luxurious listings, staged & edited furniture setups, and interviewed agents on what they love most about the company. The creation of exclusive content was a first for REAL in 2018, and continues to elevate the brand & drive traffic to all its digital platforms.



Formerly thought of as a nice-to-have, REIGN integrated REAL’s social media platforms into an elevated brand marketing strategy. The new content showcases a mix of exclusive listings, featured agents, testimonials, and brand campaigns, together assembling to form an aesthetic very much distanced from the typical real estate firm. Paid advertising was also introduced through Facebook & Instagram for highlighted buildings and apartments, leading to a wider net of leads and faster rentals & sales.



Expanding the reach of REAL New York into the digital sphere, REIGN devised a cross-platform strategy showcasing the best parts of the firm to the people it’s most relevant to.

Paid advertising was utilized through search engines & brand social platforms to target specific NYC markets, as well as to retarget visitors to specific websites. An ongoing initiative of requesting client testimonials was also developed to have the consumer market the company themselves. REAL now has between 4 1/2 & 5 stars on Yelp, Google, and Facebook’s rating systems.



Exclusive Assets

Outside of the general brand, REIGN has also been responsible for all marketing and creative for REAL New York’s exclusive rental, sales, and commercial exclusives. While the efforts vary in terms of size and spend, each comes with its own strategy and includes any number of the following items:

– Brand Identity
– Logo Design
– Copywriting
– Space Photography
– Lifestyle Video

– Virtual Staging
– Collateral Design
– E-mail Campaigns
– Digital Advertising
– Outdoor Signage


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