Rexus Capital is a boutique real estate investment firm based in NYC that exists at the intersection of old and new blood. Invoking the “Gotham City” side of NYC, REIGN combined strong typography & imagery with a softness in color to provide a truly alternative look at the place Rexus calls home.

Its logo is confident, representing the prestige behind the Rexus name yet also modern and unique, featuring a typeface quite unlike that of the competitors within the boutique investment space. The pale blue creates a softness while also still maintaining a dynamism in the lighting-esque crown features. The overall aesthetic is calming yet exciting and that allows the photography to create the same effect in cool hues and architectural geometry.



A necessity in the investment sphere, REIGN built two separate collateral pieces for Rexus’ new business development capabilities: a company overview packet and individual investment deck, each outlining potential avenues for clients in the NYC real estate market. The collateral is the primary avenue for the Rexus branding and features the unique look, tone and feel created during the identity process.



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